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About us, and introducing OnionDev

We are a social tech company incubated out of IIT Delhi. We started in 2009 with the intent of reversing the flow of information, that is, to make it bottom-up instead of top-down. Using simple technologies and social context to... More

Our Theory of Change

At Gram Vaani and now OnionDev, we believe in using appropriate technology and people driven processes to build participatory media networks that can empower communities. Our Theory of Change has organically... More

What is Mobile Vaani

Mobile Vaani is our answer to building a social media platform equivalent to Facebook/YouTube/Twitter for rural areas. We have built an intelligent IVR (interactive voice response) system that allows people to call into a... More

Listen to Mobile Vaani live

Now you can listen to Mobile Vaani live on our new website, and also check out options to advertise and run behaviour change campaigns on the network. Drop us a message and we will get back in touch with you... More


We think of Mobile Vaani as a social social media platform for rural areas, ie. a social media platform meant for social development. This indeed captures our vision and motivation. The Mobile Vaani network not only enables over 800,000 households across 12 states of India to create their own voice media, but read our impact stories to understand how this platform actually leads to local action, greater awareness, and empowerment for development.

Click on the map markings to understand our network demography. Mobile Vaani is indeed unique that it reaches more BPL households, low literacy regions, and non-Internet users than any other media such as broadcast television or radio or print. And it does so in an interactive manner on voice, making it accessible to anybody who has a phone.

Partner with us to sponsor campaigns on social issues, advertise, run market research studies, share content and news stories, and work with us to grow the network.


Community Media Spurs Collective Action

Community Media Spurs Collective Action

Ganesh Mahto was one of the many unregistered internal migrants in India who died under ‘unnatural circumstances’ in 2013. Except his story was picked up and shared over Mobile Vaani (MV), causing a cascade... More
Citizen Engagement in Government Schemes

Citizen Engagement in Government Schemes

India is a country which does not see a shortage of schemes and plans for the development and well-being of its people. But most of the time, the fruits of these schemes never reach... More
Helping companies reach rural India

Helping companies reach rural India

Geographic, economic and social barriers make India’s vast rural population an untapped market waiting to be explored. Our voice based community media network connects hundreds of thousands of people in rural India and provides... More
The Genesis of Bihar Mobile Vaani

The Genesis of Bihar Mobile Vaani

When Community Manager Sultan Ahmad was planning to start a community media club in Darbhanga, he was looking for young people who could be agents of change in urban Bihar.   He noticed that the... More

Gram Vaani on Amazing Indians, TimesNow!

Gram Vaani on Amazing Indians, TimesNow!

Our work on Jharkhand Mobile Vaani was covered under the Amazing Indians program on Times Now! Watch the video to learn our story, and the stories of those who use Mobile Vaani. More

Campaign to discuss income inequality

Campaign to discuss income inequality

We see the inequality in income in India every day of our lives. We also see the inequality between rural and urban areas. Hear what the people have to say about it — why... More
Gram Vaani sets up Relief Newslines in Uttrakhand

Gram Vaani sets up Relief Newslines in Uttrakhand

CNN-IBN covered Gram Vaani’s Citizen Relief News Lines in Uttrakhand. Watch the video here. Cloudburst and flash floods have devastated lives and property in Uttrakhand. While the rescue operations and relief work have been stepped... More


We welcome you to use our voice-based technology solutions called vAutomate to connect with your communities, and leverage our Mobile Vaani social media network to reach remote rural communities.

We have over 80 projects in progress, spanning vAutomate technology users, information campaigns on Mobile Vaani, Mobile Vaani partners, and community radio automation using GRINS. Click on the map markings to know more.

Watch how we activate and engage new communities on Mobile Vaani

Listen to Gram Vaani's history and our vision with social media for the BoP

Learn about our vAutomate suite of voice applications


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